Durex Surprise Me Variety Condoms - Pack of 40

Durex Surprise Me Variety Condoms - Pack of 40

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Durex Surprise Me pack contains a mix of condoms to give you a variety of stimulations, for hours and hours of fun. Pack includes 40 assorted condoms.

10x Durex Thin Feel condoms that have been designed to provide the same high level of security and protection, but are thinner for high sensitivity. Nominal width: 56 mm

10x Durex Extra Safe condoms are transparent, slightly thicker and extra lubricated to give you reassurance and optimum comfort, so you can feel free to relax and enjoy sex with the peace of mind that you’re protected. Nominal width: 56 mm

10x Durex Tickle Me condoms, distinctly positioned ribs for a more intense experience during sex. Nominal width: 53 mm

10x Durex Pleasure Me condoms have a distinct texture combination, giving you that extra something for enhanced sensuality. These transparent condoms have stimulating dots and ribs for extra simulation. Nominal width: 56 mm

The way Durex make condoms means they smell better, so there are no unpleasant distractions and you can just relax and enjoy. These Durex condoms are made from natural rubber latex for a high level of protection.

No method of contraception can give you 100 percent protection against pregnancy, HIV or sexually transmitted infections. Please read the instructions, especially when using condoms for anal or oral sex.